Teak Table Outdoor Furniture

Teak Table Outdoor Furniture for patio and garden to match every style with wholesale offer price is the wood of choice and designed to produce selection of outdoors furnishing. Grade-A Teak Table Sets personally crafted to provide many unique pieces of furniture, since all aesthetically pleasing creation result and built to last. A wide range of teak garden furniture tables outdoor tables to suit every of your need fulfilled with great value quality in all weather material sources.

Teak Tables to dining outdoor settings as well as at pool lounges, garden and patio, sunny balcony with solid table and chairs combination provided in high quality teak and design. Many different table and chair styles as an excellent choice for your outdoor furniture needs, the finest collection for your dream backyard. Wide selection of teak table including:

  • Extending Table
  • Fixed Table,
  • Folding Table
  • Side and Coffe Table

Stylish teak furniture in a great range of choices designed for outdoor use, with focus on tables, benches, chairs and also umbrellas. Durable and also weatherproof products for outdoor living that make your garden full with wide variety of styles of finest teak table outdoor furniture including for dining. It is a top choice for outdoor furnishings with its high content of natural finishing, comes with durable collection can be very useful for your outdoor arrangement.


Crafted from beautiful Jepara furniture teak wood that create a gracious unbelievably stylish and available in different dimensions matches. Pure collections from one of Indonesia Furniture company leader in producing, designing outdoor furniture for modern lifestyles and also for antique collections. Teak table that selected for premium grain with variety of colours so you can chose the one that match with your requirements.