Indonesia Furniture Expo 2019

January 13, 2019 | Blog Post

Indonesia Furniture Expo 2019 is here again, to fulfill all the wishes of the customers, to meet directly with suppliers, direct manufacturers originating from the cities known as producers of quality export-quality furniture. The meeting of Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer and potential buyers from all over the world, was present together at the biggest annual event. You will be treated to the most extensive display of furniture exhibitions, featuring outdoor furniture, the best quality rattan products, and various supporting home decor that showcase the advantages of each.

Indonesia Furniture Fair 2019, an international event, divided into several sessions, held in Jakarta, the capital of the Republic of Indonesia, is held from 11-14 March 2019. The success of this event is held year after year, making it more and more noticed as an international exhibition which must be visited by potential buyers, as well as other related parties. If this is the main theme, Redefine, Inspire, Innovation, seeks to optimally explore the potential of Indonesia Furniture to be updated in the development of current design models, even inspire all resources as a work in innovating to develop the progress of Indonesia Furniture.


Indonesia Furniture Show 2019, one of the largest annual events in Asia, was held with the spirit of continuing to innovate and create optimally, all forms of furniture and crafts, related accessories. Its implementation is supported by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and many furniture industry and related industries, present continuously, as a benchmark for the success and development of the Indonesia Furniture industry annually.

Indonesia Furniture 2019 Expo Show, attracts many professionals from various business actors in Indonesia, Asia, Europe and also in other parts of the world. The most harmonious blend, between innovation and selected design, with the skill skills of craftmanship motivated by natural elements characteristic of Indonesia. All business activities are facilitated well here, from business meetings, negotiations to buying and selling, or signing contracts, business agreements between sellers and buyers or traders. This contract project can be done because buyers can meet directly, direct with furniture makers from various cities in Indonesia.

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