Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer

Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer Company based in Jepara City, Central Java Province of Indonesia, provide great teak wood product with high quality and already popular worldwide. You can buy more in good conditions with wholesale terms, that we can offer best price and also shipping worldwide to many countries and continent. Great collection for indoor, outdoor such as patio, garden and all teak outdoor furnishing purposes.

Furniture Manufacturers Jepara, Java, Indonesia and also collect all style from others region such as from Solo, Bali and many others, that you can buy as one stop solution for all teak furniture products. Beside teak, you can also order other resources such as mahogany, oak, and even bamboo or rattan furniture. We also accommodate special purposes and requirements based on your requirements. Reproduction of Jepara furniture for hotel, spa, or cafe made as replica such as french provincial colonial furniture available.

Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer and Exporter that already has many experience for years handling the furniture shipping. All wooden products from legal resources handle professionally by our company. Whether vintage or modern style model, all can be produce with custom made for special order. Indonesia Furniture Manufacturers also availble for combine material in making. Combination teak with other material such as aluminium, metal and others to make more astonishing creations.


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